The first real-life chimpanzees have been caught and fed by humans

Today is the first day of winter for the chimp population in the wild. 

This morning, we caught two chimps, and we fed them and then released them back into the wild in the town of Zagreb, in Croatia. 

A small herd of about 30 chimps has been living in a large enclosure at the local zoo. 

Chimpanzees are one of the most successful species of primates in the world. 

But they’re often overlooked by researchers, and even if they’re in good health, they’re still under threat of extinction. 

The only thing that can save them is human intervention. 

Scientists are now looking for ways to reintroduce chimps back into their wild habitat in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia. 

In the first such attempt, two male chimps were captured and fed to a local resident. 

“The first thing that I thought about when I saw the photo was, ‘what is going on?'” 

“I was quite surprised that I saw these two chimppers,” says Václav Šim. 

He says the chimps’ eyesight is extremely poor and they have poor vision.

“They can’t see what’s in front of them, and they can’t look up at the ground and see everything that’s there.”

The second thing I thought was, if we can do this, why can’t we do it to other species, too?” 

The chimps had been in captivity since they were three months old and were released into a zoos’ enclosure in January 2017.”

I went to a zoo in Spain and saw the same picture that I have seen in the zoo, and I said to myself, ‘oh, this is very possible’.” “And then I found out that we were able to release them into the open air,” says Šam. 

I decided to go and capture the animals and put them into a cage, and that was a great opportunity.”

The two chimPS chimps (pictured) were captured in a zoo, but were later released back into a wild population Václavia Šem is the manager of the Zagrebs Zoo, and she and her team have spent the last year trying to find a solution to the crisis. 

For the first time, we’ve released a captive animal into the outdoor wild.

We’re trying to save them, but we are also trying to prevent a situation like this from happening again.””

The most important thing is to do something to protect them and to help them survive in the long term,” says Čina Šmělková, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Care. 

Her team has worked with scientists to capture a male chimp and release it into the Croatian wild.

Šam says the two chimpes had been captive for almost five years.”

In the last two years, we have been in contact with a team of scientists who are working on a captive-rearing project, and also with some veterinarians, who are doing this project in collaboration with Zagrads zoo,” she says.”

We have made sure that we have them in a good environment and they’re being kept in a cage in the same area as other chimps in order to prevent them from getting injured.””

We’ve tried to make sure that they don’t get hurt in the process,” says her colleague Válo Šeroc.

“We have made sure that we have them in a good environment and they’re being kept in a cage in the same area as other chimps in order to prevent them from getting injured.”

In the wild, chimps are kept in small cages in the open to keep them healthy and safe. 

Šeros says the captive-breeding programme is an important way to help save the species.

“It’s important that we make sure, that if something happens to the chimped, it’s not just an animal, it’ll also affect the whole of the wild population,” he says. 

Vítor Čim, the zoo’s director of zoology, says the team has found ways to increase the chances that the animals will survive in captivity. 

And he hopes that if we find a way to save these chimps and ensure they get a good home, they’ll have a better future in the field.

“If you have a lot of animals, it can be a big problem,” he said.

“And the same applies for captive-bred animals. 

If we have enough of them and we give them a good house and a good life, then we’ll have better health, better conditions, better opportunities to develop.” 

The team has also found ways of increasing the chances of the chimp’s future in captivity: “There’s also a very important thing, too, that we haven’t talked about, and this is the key, to increase their chances of survival. 

We are trying

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