PlayStation 5 event starts on Friday, March 8

A Playstation 5 event will start on Friday (March 8) with a playable demo of the upcoming game, the publisher has announced.

The Playstation 5 E3 2017 will take place on Friday evening and Saturday morning. 

The PlayStation 4 event is scheduled for March 7 and is not yet live. 

According to a press release, the Playstation 5 launch event will run from 7am to 8pm (GMT+1) and feature a keynote address from Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida, an overview of the new game, and a presentation by senior producer Shuji Nagata.

The presentation will also include a live Q&A session with fans and journalists.

The PlayStation 5 E4 and E5 events are also expected to begin on Friday. 

In an interview with, Yoshida said that the PS5 E3 event was not only the biggest event in PlayStation history, but also the first for the platform in more than 20 years. 

“I think that E3 was the biggest show of all time.

It was really a momentous event,” he said. 

However, the PlayStation 4 E3 launch event was also attended by “many” of Sony’s senior executives. 

A spokesperson for Sony’s parent company, Fujitsu, said that a number of senior executives attended the E3 conference. 

“[I]f you asked them, they’d say, ‘It’s a great day.

It’s a huge event, we can’t wait to get started!'” 

“We’ll be announcing a number more events this year, including the PlayStation 5 announcement,” the spokesperson added. 

Sony’s announcement of the PS4 E3, however, has been met with a lot of skepticism from the gaming community. 

While some gamers have expressed concerns that the announcement is part of a plan to delay the PS3’s release, Sony’s PR team has dismissed such concerns, telling Kotaku that “there is no such thing as a ‘planned delay’.”

We are planning to unveil the PS Vita in March, so you should expect more announcements around that soon, and we’re working on more announcements for other platforms as well.

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