The moon eclipses as the sun goes black – the sky is covered in black clouds

A view of the sun shining on the moon’s shadow in this undated photo.

The moon has just set, and as the planet heads into a new phase of its journey, the eclipse has taken place.

It is a rare event, but not unprecedented, and the event has become a focal point for scientists.

Scientists have been tracking the eclipse for months, but the last time the event occurred was in February, during which the moon was about 1,300km above the Earth.

The event has taken on an extra significance as astronomers try to understand the solar system.

It’s a mystery that has puzzled scientists for more than 50 years.

Solar eclipses happen when the planets are moving through the solar disk, the ring of planets around the sun that surrounds the Earth, as seen from Earth.

The planets are about 4km apart, but there is a lot of dust and gas around them that causes the orbits of the planets to change.

The planets, however, are moving slowly through space, so they are slowly getting closer to the sun.

As they get closer, the sun becomes brighter, making the orbits change.

This means that the sun is slowly passing through space.

This is where the moon comes into play.

The shadow of the moon is the light pollution that passes through the atmosphere of the Earth at different altitudes, which can cause the planet to appear darker, for example.

Scientists have known about the moon for years, but were not sure why it appears darker at different latitudes.

The moon, along with Venus and Mars, are in a relatively elliptical orbit around the Earth and are at a higher altitude than the planets.

The researchers now have a theory for why the moon appears darker in different latitude.

The theory is that the moon may be a cloud.

A cloud is a dense layer of water vapor that can be seen in the night sky.

A layer of air in the air is formed by a condensation of air molecules as it condenses on the surface of the water.

The condensation causes the water to condense.

The air can also condense into clouds when it rains or snow falls.

The clouds are made of water droplets that fall down, like raindrops.

Water droplets fall on the Earth because it’s a hot planet.

The temperature of the planet causes the clouds to expand and contract, as they condense and condense, causing them to form.

It is thought that the Moon is formed from clouds.

The Moon is thought to be about 5,000km in diameter, but it is much larger than that, and scientists say it could be up to 10,000,000 kilometres across.

If the moon formed from water droplet clouds, then the moon would have a diameter of 100,000 km.

The distance between the Earth’s orbit and the Moon’s orbit is about 2,000 light years.

The first solar eclipse was recorded in 1869, but since then eclipses have been more common.

A total solar eclipse is a total eclipse with the sun completely obscured from the sunlit side of the earth.

In total solar eclipses, the solar corona is directly above the moon, so it is directly visible to the naked eye.

This can be very dangerous for anyone who is near the sun and has to look directly into the sun’s rays.

Solar Eclipse 2018: The first eclipse to be recorded was in April 1869 in the southern hemisphere, when the sun was directly overhead, and people could see the full moon.

In 1876, astronomers first recorded the first total solar storm.

They were trying to measure how much of a cloud would form in the shadow of a large body of water, so the moon could be seen.

In the 1872 eclipse, a cloud formed in the Sun’s shadow, so when the moon rose above the cloud it was visible to everyone.

Another eclipse was first recorded in 1862.

It was caused by a thunderstorm that blew across the United States, causing thunderstorms to be heard across the country.

It would take the sun for an hour to disappear from the sky, and when the solar eclipse occurred, people would be able to see the sun disappear.

More than 30 years ago, a total solar coronal mass ejection (CME) event occurred.

CMEs are the most powerful solar storms.

They can travel for several million miles (6 million kilometers) and are caused by high-speed solar particles and particles that are too small to be seen by the naked eyes.

A CME is the most intense and longest-lasting event that can occur in the solar year.

Solar Eclipse 2017: In the United Kingdom, a series of storms were observed in May and June.

The weather was generally good, with a mild thunderstorm and clear skies.

The thunderstorm in June was the most violent that the UK

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