How to watch PS5 live events online from your PS4 console

Watch live events in the comfort of your living room, or on your mobile device.

Read our guide to PS4 live events.

PS4 LIVE EVENTS The PS4 will be available to stream on PSN on Saturday and Sunday.

This includes PS4 games, PSN-exclusive content, and the PS4 Pro.

You can also watch PS4 TV shows and movies, as well as other content on PS4.

The PSN app will also offer live events for your PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.


Get a free trial PSN account to try your first event.

For full details, see our full guide to streaming events on PS3.

For PS4 users, PS5 Live Events will be accessible for PS4-only events.

It’s not yet possible to watch the live events on your PSN and PS4 consoles.

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