How to watch ‘The Main Event’ live: What you need to know about the show and what you need not to miss

In addition to its regular schedule of events and a slew of documentaries, the event will also have a special one-hour special in its entirety for the 2018-19 season, a project called “The Main,” that will focus on the story behind Nashville’s first World War-era theater.

“It will be one of the highlights of my career,” said host Bob Costas, who also served as the voice of a character on the television series “Duck Dynasty” and starred in the live events.

“The main event is what we call a cultural event, and I think it will be the biggest one we’ve ever had.”

The first of these “Cultural Events” is expected to air in 2019, the show’s production team said in a press release.

But the series has been a long time coming, and the original “Culture Events” aired in 2016 on the National Geographic Channel, which was later rebranded as the Discovery Channel.

“We wanted to make it available in a way that we could really build a strong audience for it and give them something they’re missing out on,” said Seth Ciaa, the series’ executive producer and executive director.

“That’s what we’re trying to do.”

The original “Main” was one of only three live events in history to feature a war story, according to the PBS Frontline.

“I’ve been to a lot of wars and a lot more events,” Costas said.

One of those missing events is the war itself, which became an iconic part of the history of Nashville. “

But there’s a lot that is kind of missing out.”

One of those missing events is the war itself, which became an iconic part of the history of Nashville.

In 1914, the city was under siege by Germany, and Nashville had a Confederate flag in the front yard of its city hall.

After an attack by a German army on the city’s military barracks, the Tennessee Legislature passed a resolution that stated that “the Confederate flag is to be flown in the public streets of the State of Tennessee.”

It also stated that any person who refuses to fly the flag in any public place shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined $100.

The resolution went on to declare that “all people are to be treated with dignity and respect,” and that “every man, woman and child are entitled to be free from discrimination and hate.”

The resolution did not mention the war.

In the event of a conflict between states or the United States, the resolution would state that the flag would be flown at half-staff, and would be in full view of all those present.

But there was never a war to explain the citys refusal to fly a flag that symbolized its resistance to a foreign power.

“This is not a Confederate symbol,” Costos said.

A new wave of Confederate monuments and flags have appeared in Tennessee since the start of the 20th century, as people who did not fit the Confederate mold sought to erase their roots.

There are some places in the state where you could see the original Confederate flag flying.

And while the city has made strides in removing Confederate symbols, the fight continues to rage, with residents facing eviction and losing their homes.

“People are still trying to erase the history,” said Costas.

“They’re trying so hard to keep the Confederate flag out of public spaces.”

The citys official response to the war, however, was not to make a political statement.

“If you can’t be a good Confederate in Tennessee, then you shouldn’t be in Nashville.”

While the city is not trying to remove the flag, it has made efforts to take down a few other symbols.

In 2017, it removed the statue of a man named James B. Polk, who was a state senator during the Civil War and was instrumental in the founding of the Confederacy.

And in 2018, it also removed a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, which had been a symbol of the Southern states until the Confederate states’ surrender in 1865.

But it did not remove the Confederate statue of General Robert E Lee from the statehouse grounds.

In 2018, the state also announced plans to rename several buildings in the city, including a state Capitol, a state courthouse, a federal courthouse and a federal military academy.

In 2019, it is also planning to rename the Nashville Veterans Memorial, a monument that honors the city and veterans of the Civil Wars.

The city also is planning to replace the old Confederate flag with one featuring a white dove and a blue and white eagle.

While some residents are still angry about the flag and its meaning, many are also looking forward to the day when the city honors its Confederate heritage, with a citywide ceremony to mark the event.

“You can’t get any clearer than that,” said Robert Johnson, who lives in Nashville and served in the military during the war with the U.S. Army. “What we

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