PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U have PS4 Pro specs, but there are no confirmed games on these platforms

Posted by News24 on September 23, 2018 11:30:16 There are no PS4 Pros on the market yet, but the consoles will all get some big improvements in the coming months.

There are plenty of games coming out on the consoles, but we can’t confirm anything just yet.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will have an improved GPU, but nothing too major.

It will have a better power efficiency, but this will depend on the game you are playing.

We can confirm that the PlayStation 4 will get the same GPU as the PS4.

The Xbox One S, meanwhile, will have the same power efficiency as the Xbox One.

We are yet to see any official announcements about the Xbox and PS4, but both consoles will get some great improvements in 2018.

Nintendo is expected to launch its new Wii U console next year.

We expect the new Wii to have a bigger screen and some of the features of the Wii U Pro.

The Wii U is expected for release sometime in 2019, but you can expect to see a few other new features like motion controls.

It also looks like the Wii will have Bluetooth connectivity.

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