How to watch Galactus’ next big event (with a special guest)

When we were first introduced to Galactus, he was a little too far removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to really be considered part of the Marvel Universe.

And then a few months after his debut in Thor: Ragnarok, he hit a snag.

When the new film arrived in theaters, the studio was looking to move on from his character, which had become a bit of a joke in the comics, and move onto another Marvel character.

To that end, Marvel had brought on the character’s creator, Steve Dillon, to write the new version of Galactus.

And Dillon was hired by the studio to bring his take on the long-running Marvel character to life.

Galactus is now in the process of making his big screen debut, with a new trailer that’s being shown at the beginning of each new Galactus film.

Here’s everything you need to know about the film.

In the trailer, Galactus appears in his original guise, complete with a sword, a giant purple cloud, and a red cloud.

The trailer features the usual Galactus elements: He has an army of purple clouds, which are an early hint that he’s the same one that created the Marvel Comics character.

He also has a new outfit, which he wears in a different fashion to the standard version.

Galas is also shown using a sword.

That’s right, Galaxians sword is a red, glowing cloud, a move that’s very familiar to the character.

It was introduced in the comic series in Galactus #2, and was originally seen in the first Galactus movie in 2019.

As you can see in the trailer above, Galais is also wielding his sword, which is actually a blue orb with a golden handle.

In other words, he’s got a sword!

The new trailer also features Galaes appearance in a flashback, where he reveals his identity to be a clone of Galactica, who was originally created to fight Galactus and his army.

The new version is also wearing the same costume, though he has a more traditional red cloak, a green robe, and boots.

In terms of the story, Galactias storyline is very similar to that of his Marvel Comics counterpart.

He first appeared in the series in 1939’s Galactican, but was introduced into the Marvel universe in the 1980s.

He was the villain of the first Marvel comic book movie, Galvatron: Battle of the Titans.

In that movie, he fought Galactus against the other members of the Multiverse, who were also clones of Galvas own creation.

In Galactian #1, he and the other Multiverse heroes battled Galactus in a climactic battle that ended in the death of Gala, Galbans sword.

In Marvels The Mighty Thor, a new Galactico was created in the same issue that led up to the movie.

In this version, Galavacis name was changed to Galacadon.

His powers included flying, teleportation, a super-strong body, and teleportation speed, so he was able to teleport across the universe in an instant.

He appeared in other Marvel movies and TV shows, like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

This Galactus was later used as a key antagonist in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World.

Galactic is a huge part of Thor: Age of Ultron, which will also feature a new character named Galactis.

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