What to do if you’re not sure if you can join the gta Online events, Amazon hiring event and more in Phoenix

In a major win for the game’s online communities, Amazon has announced a hiring event on the game for next Friday, May 25.

The Phoenix Rising event will run from 12am to 5pm (GMT+1) on Saturday, May 26, at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Players will have the chance to meet up with their local developers and play with their favorite characters from the game.

They will also get to meet other players and play a few hours of exclusive multiplayer game mode.

In addition to the Phoenix Rising events, there are a number of other upcoming events happening around the world.

You can find the full schedule on the Phoenix Phoenix Rising website.

You’ll be able to check out all the information and see when they start, which is scheduled to be around 11:00am.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a Phoenix Rising recruitment event.

In May of last year, the game had its biggest event yet, featuring a series of online events.

At the time, we wrote about how the game would also be hosting its first ever GTA Online recruitment event in Phoenix.

At the time of writing, there have been no confirmed plans to do this this year.

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