How to celebrate PS5, Doomsday event with PS4, XBOX One event and a VR experience

Do you want to celebrate your favorite console with some special PS4 content?

This year’s PlayStation 4 event will include a PS4-exclusive VR experience, a PSVR-exclusive multiplayer shooter and a limited edition PS5 console.

The event will also feature a limited amount of PlayStation Plus discounts, including a PS5 bundle with a PS Vita and PlayStation VR.

This is the latest PS4 event to offer PS4 bundles, following the PlayStation 4 Pro and PS4 Slim bundle on Friday, May 6.

This PS4 bundle will cost $79.99 at participating retailers.

The PS4 Pro bundle will run $99.99, while the PS4 S bundle will be $99 for PS4 owners.

The bundle includes a PS 4 Pro, PS4 XB1, PS VR headset, a USB cable, a code for an exclusive PlayStation Store coupon, and an official PS4 badge.

Check out the PS5 events and PS5 VR bundle on the PSN store here.

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