What you need to know about rodeo games and events in Iowa

KEEP IN MIND: Iowa’s rodeo championships are set to begin this weekend and will feature more than just the best horses.

The state has hosted numerous rodeo matches over the years, but this will be the first time the state will have its own event, which is expected to draw crowds of over 4,000.

Iowa State University has developed a program that will allow students and faculty to train and compete in the rodeo.

There are several rodeo schools in the state, but none are in Des Moines.

The Des Moines Area Rodeo Association is sponsoring the event.

“It is exciting to see the popularity of the rodeos continue to grow in Iowa and across the country,” said Steve Smith, executive director of the Iowa Rodeos Association.

The Des Moines Rodeoes Association will be hosting the rodeoes at the state fairgrounds in Desmoines.

The rodeo will be held on Sunday, March 10, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

The Iowa Roto Championship will take place at 7 p.m. at the State Fair Grounds.

Tickets for the rodeoing competition are $30 and are available at the Des Moines Convention Center Box Office or by calling 1-888-639-5665.

The Iowa Rotoso Association will hold two events at the fairgrounds on Sunday.

One is a one-day, free event, the other is a two-day event, in which the rodeoe will be paid for by the Rotosolo Association.

The two events are being held on the same day.

Tickets for the event are $40 and are on sale now at the IA Rotosos Association Box Office.

The IA Roto Championships are scheduled for May 25-26 at the Dixie Coliseum.

Tickets are $10.

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