Microsoft ‘will launch new products and services on September 18’

Microsoft is set to launch new devices and services later this year, with the Redmond giant saying it is aiming to hit “over 100 million devices in the next 12 months”.

Microsoft has previously promised to launch a number of new devices in 2017, but has been slow to announce any.

The Redmond giant has already said it will launch its new Surface RT tablet in March and will release the first new Xbox One console in October, although no specific dates have been announced.

Microsoft said it would launch “more devices” later this month, adding that “it is not clear yet when these will be launched”.

In the event Microsoft did launch a new device it would likely be a “smaller device”, with a screen size of about 8 inches, according to Bloomberg.

Microsoft will also launch the new Xbox 360 in November, but is still waiting on Microsoft to confirm a launch date for its next console, which is expected to be unveiled at the Xbox party in May.

Microsoft has been trying to move away from PCs since announcing its own Windows 8 operating system, which it later called Windows 10.

However, it has been unable to make the leap to Windows 10 in large part due to the high cost of its own operating system.

The PC is Microsoft’s most lucrative revenue stream, but its sales of Windows 8 PCs have been dwindling in recent years, as its competitors such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have made significant advances in the platform.

Windows 10 is Microsoft

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