Which sports teams are going to be the worst in the nation?

Lou, a small town in northern Louisiana, has the worst traffic in the country.

And the worst heat.

Lou, a tiny town of just 2,200 residents, is located about 45 miles northeast of New Orleans and just 10 miles south of the state capital.

Its the capital of Louisiana’s most populous state and its home to the city of New Orleanians and the state’s largest school district, Louisiana State University.

The city has seen an average of 12.8 inches of rain per year in the past five years.

“There is not a single street that is in good condition,” Lou mayor Denny Johnson said in an interview.

The city is a short drive from a massive gas station.

Lou is home to about 10,000 residents and is in the shadow of the largest city in the state, Baton Rouge, which is home more than 50,000 people.

Its home to more than 90,000 workers and employs more than 11,000.

Lou’s mayor, Denny, is a former professional football player who went on to play for the Houston Texans and the New Orleans Saints.

He is also a former mayor of New York City.

Johnson has been the mayor of Lou since 2006 and is known as a staunch conservative and a staunch booster of Louisiana sports.

He also happens to be a Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton.

He said he has never voted for Trump, but has voted for Democrats for decades.

Lou is about an hour east of New Mexico, which has one of the country’s highest homicide rates.

Its the state that has the most residents who are homeless and the most people in jail, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Lou has a population of about 14,000 and has about 3,000 jobs.

Johnson said that in order for Lou to stay competitive, he would have to attract the most talented athletes and businesses to the area.

He noted that the state has a large number of sports teams.

“It will be very difficult,” Johnson said.

“But I know the city can be competitive.”

Lou has been in a tough spot in the last few years.

The community has been on the brink of bankruptcy several times and has had to rely on local governments to provide water and sewer services.

In January, a fire forced a temporary shutdown of the city’s water supply.

In August, the state legislature voted to reduce funding for the city.

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