A new thread on the /r/”All” subreddit about the game “Sonic Forces”

The game “Super Sonic Forces” is coming out this summer. 

Sonic Forces was a new spin-off of the Sonic series released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2016.

It had its own story and mechanics, but the gameplay was essentially the same as Sonic Adventure, with Sonic taking on the role of a robot.

The game was criticized by many Sonic fans for not having the kind of multiplayer features fans of the series had been waiting for.

The game was also criticized for not making a sequel to the franchise. 

A new thread has been created on the Sonic Forces subreddit called “Sons of Battle”, which focuses on the game’s story and gameplay.

Sonic fans have been waiting since the announcement of the game, and the thread highlights the issues the game has faced. 

For example, there are two separate threads on the “Son of Battle” subreddit discussing the game itself.

One thread focuses on its story and features a number of different quotes from Sonic fans. 

Another thread on that subreddit is dedicated to its gameplay. 

Both of these threads focus on the story, but a number of comments are made about the lack of a sequel.

One user on the subreddit commented that the lack was a big disappointment, and one commenter stated that the game is a “disappointing failure.” 

Another person on the forum, who goes by the username “sophos,” said that the Sonic fanbase is “overwhelmed” with the lack a sequel and that Sonic fans have “been waiting for years.” 

This user went on to say that the community has already waited for a new Sonic game for at least 20 years, and that it is “unlikely” that the team will make a Sonic game again. 

Some people have also stated that fans of Sonic fans want to see the franchise continue, even if they don’t agree with the decisions the franchise has made. 

This post was updated to reflect the new Sonic Forces thread.

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