Which events will bring you the best Boston events?

By Brian T. SmithThe Boston GlobeBoston’s first full day of public events, which will feature music, speeches, speeches and much more, began on Monday. 

The festival, which begins at 6 p.m. on Sunday, will also feature a parade, a performance by The Chainsmokers, a fireworks display, a ribbon cutting ceremony and a Boston Symphony Orchestra performance. 

“The Boston Music Festival has always been about the music and what it means to us as a city and as a community,” said festival co-founder and executive director Daniel Berenson. 

It is a chance for us to come together as a people, to celebrate and support one another, to make the world a better place.

“The Boston music community is growing every year and we’re grateful to have this opportunity to do it in a beautiful and unique setting,” he added.

The festival is slated to include music from a diverse group of artists, from indie rock to jazz, gospel to soul, country to R&B.

It will also include a concert by the New England Symphony Orchestra.

The city will also host a “Music for the People” event, with performances by groups such as The Roots, the Black Eyed Peas and the Black Panthers.

Boston has a rich musical history, but the city’s festival is the first in the nation to feature live music.

In 2011, the city hosted the first-ever “Music City” event in the Greater Boston area.

In 2017, the festival held its first-of-its-kind concert in the city. 

While it will likely be the most-watched music festival in the country, organizers are not expecting the event to draw crowds as large as previous years. 

Berenson noted that, despite the fact that the festival will be held in Boston, most of the events are happening in other cities around the country.

“I think the main thing is the festival is going to be the best it’s been in decades,” he said.

The event is also not without controversy. 

Last year, organizers were forced to cancel the festival due to a string of protests that included the death of a Boston police officer, which prompted an outcry from the city and national media.

The festival was later moved to the historic City Hall Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Beren and other festival organizers hope to bring the event back to its original location in 2018.

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