What we know about the tungiska event on Friday night (AEDT): Five things to watch and know

The tungismka is a Siberian icebreaker that will sail in from Russia to conduct research on the effects of the effects on the ice of warming oceans.

The vessel is designed to study the effects and the impacts on the water column and ice on land, and is also expected to study changes to the air and the environment around the icebreaker.

Tungisks are the main icebreaker of the Russian military, and in its first year of operation the ship has performed more than 10,000 kilometres of research on ice in the Arctic.

The research is designed in such a way as to give scientists a better understanding of the ice flow that is a natural part of the environment of the Arctic and the processes that cause it.

The ship was built in the late 1990s, so it is currently undergoing a full re-design and refurbishment.

It was originally built to carry a total of 30 people, and the ship is expected to carry around 20 crew.

The ship has the capacity to carry up to 80 tonnes of ice in its hold, but the Russian government said on Friday that the ice ship could carry up a total volume of up to 400 tonnes.

At the start of the re-deployment, the ship was carrying around 20 tonnes of frozen ice and other material to be sent to the Russian research station in Chukotka in the far north of the Siberian Arctic.

There, the ice would be frozen and tested for its effect on the sea ice, and for the effect of the changing temperatures in the region.

During the next year, the Russians plan to ship some 40 tonnes of cargo to the station, but not enough to be able to test the ice in Chikatka.

It is unclear when the ice vessel will be able return to the Arctic for research.

There have been several previous icebreaker re-launches, and it is expected that this will be the fourth such event.

Russian officials have been keen to highlight that the reusability of the Tungisk is still very much in question, and said that the ship would need to be modified and refitted to accommodate the changes to its ice.

It is hoped that the return of the turgid waters of the Sea of Okhotsk to normal conditions will result in the release of some of the fresh water in the area, allowing the ice to slowly thaw out.

Earlier in the week, the Russian defence ministry confirmed that the Russian army had conducted research in the Turgid Sea and that the turd was melting.

Russia’s defence ministry also said that it had successfully deployed the new icebreaker in the Chukota Sea.

It will take around two weeks to complete the installation, with the ship expected to return to sea by the end of October.

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