When Allen West goes to Texas, we’ll all be happy to watch

Allen West has a long history of political activism, and he’s not alone.

Texas has an outsized history of being a conservative stronghold, so there are some things that Allen West is comfortable with.

But what is he comfortable with?

Here are the three biggest concerns I have with Allen West.

First, his allegiance to the Republican Party and its candidates.

Allen West was a long-time supporter of Donald Trump and now he supports the GOP nominee in the general election.

Allen is a long time supporter of Trump.

Allen also believes in Donald Trump’s “make America great again” mantra.

Trump won the state of Texas by 10 points last year, and there is no doubt he has a loyal following among Republicans.

Allen has stated that he will vote for the GOP candidate for president, but he has yet to say how he will do it.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to vote for Trump.

He is willing to pay for the privilege.

Allen’s supporters believe that he is “one of the most passionate and successful conservatives in America,” and the fact that he doesn, in fact, like Donald Trump is a major issue in Texas.

But there is one problem with this story.

It is just not true.

Allen doesn’t like Donald, and Allen isn’t in Texas to vote.

Allen and his supporters believe they are there to do something good.

However, Allen West believes in a Republican Party that supports Donald Trump, and that means he believes in the Trump agenda.

When Allen is out on the campaign trail, he is campaigning on a platform of fighting for the agenda of the Trump administration.

Allen, like many other Trump supporters, wants to see his president repealed.

Trump has promised to “cut taxes,” end Obamacare, and dismantle environmental regulations.

Allen believes that Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation are good for the economy.

But this isn’t the first time Allen has expressed his support for Trump’s policies.

In 2012, Allen voted for a Republican candidate for Congress in Texas, Rick Perry, and in 2016, he supported former Vice President Joe Biden’s candidacy for president.

Allen recently expressed his disdain for President Trump, writing on his Facebook page that “he is the worst candidate for anything I’ve ever heard of.”

But this does not mean Allen is against the president.

In fact, Allen has voted for many Republicans in the past.

He voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and voted for Paul Ryan in 2014.

And Allen voted in 2016 for Trump in the GOP primary.

This is where Allen is going off the rails.

When asked by Breitbart News why Allen West voted for Trump, a spokesperson for Allen’s campaign told Breitbart News that Allen “has been a longterm supporter of the Republican ticket since the time Donald Trump was first elected to the Presidency.”

This is a blatant lie.

The truth is that Allen was a lifelong supporter of John McCain and the Republican party, and it was a decision he made in the 2016 election, not the 2016 campaign.

The Trump administration is in full swing.

Allen says he supports Trump, but that does not include the administration’s crackdown on civil liberties and anti-LGBT rights.

The most recent anti-discrimination protections in Texas were signed into law in July, and now there is a push to roll back these protections.

Allen opposes these new protections, and even suggested that these protections are “anti-Muslim” because they target people from minority religions.

Allen did, however, say in an interview with the Washington Times that he would be a “big fan” of a Trump administration that could “cut down on immigration” and that “we would have a big increase in border enforcement.”

Allen has also said that the United States should have a military that can “stand up to the Russians.”

But there are a few things Allen West does not support.

First of all, he does not believe in a military.

Allen voted to allow the U.S. military to be deployed in Iraq.

The first thing Allen said about the war was that it “should be a one-on-one war,” and Allen’s stated position is that the U

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