Why the New York Times will no longer run an event on November 9

The New York Post will no more hold an event in the city on November 1st.

The New York City Press, which has hosted the event, said it was “disappointed and dismayed” to hear of the decision, according to an email from reporter Paul Tassi.

“We are grateful that the New Orleans-based paper will be leaving our home for good,” Tassi wrote.

“We are disappointed in the decision and deeply saddened that our beloved paper will no long have an opportunity to showcase the talents and voices of New Orleans’s brightest and best.”

The Post, which is owned by the New Yorker, is one of the most powerful and influential newspapers in the world, and its events have helped bring celebrities to the city in recent years, including Katy Perry, Amy Schumer and the cast of Saturday Night Live.

It was the second major news organisation to announce the cancellation of an event this week.

The Wall Street Journal said it would be postponing its New York premiere of the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” for two weeks due to a virus outbreak.

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