The next big event in the world of virtual reality is coming to Vancouver: ‘The World’

Vancouver – The next big tech event in Vancouver is coming soon: The World.

The first major VR event in Canada, it’s a chance to meet VR developers and industry experts from across the country, and the city’s skyline is primed to welcome the latest in the VR craze.

Vancouver’s World Expo, which runs through April 15, will be the first of several events in Canada to bring VR to the masses.

On Tuesday, March 20, organizers announced the event would be livestreamed live on Twitch, where viewers could interact with virtual reality content.

For the event, the first three days will be streamed live, with more events planned for the months of April, May and June.

“We’ve got a huge amount of great content to share,” said Jason Lee, chief executive of VR producer VRFocus, in an interview with CBC News.

He’s not alone in his enthusiasm.

This is going to be a great showcase for VR, he added.

At a press conference on Wednesday, organizers also said they’ll be livestreaming the World Expo on a video platform called Virtual Reality.

Lee said the event will be a celebration of VR.

There’s no doubt that the VR industry is in its infancy, but it’s the first time the city has brought a VR event to Vancouver, he said.

As more events are added, Lee said it’s only a matter of time before the VR community can have its own VR event.

Virtual Reality in Vancouver?

“Vancouver is definitely one of the cities we want to bring this technology to,” he said, referring to the virtual reality industry.

VRFocus is working with a handful of developers to bring the first event to the city.

The event will also include a virtual reality training course, a VR gaming demo, a virtual city tour and a VR art exhibit.

To learn more about the VR World Expo and the first events planned in Canada in March, visit:

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