How to Get a Bellyfull at Work: Why I’ve been so damn busy since last week’s elections

I have no doubt the US political landscape has been shaken to its core.

But I would argue that we’ve been more shaken than we know.

We’re living through the first presidential election since Trump became president and, as it happens, the political landscape is pretty much back to normal, at least for now.

The stakes for US politics in the next six months are immense.

Both the parties are struggling with the effects of their unpopularity, and Trump’s campaign is already looking like a total disaster.

But if the US elections have taught us anything it’s that the consequences of a bad election can be very bad indeed.

The last time this happened was in 2008, when Democrat Barack Obama won the White House by a narrow margin and Republicans lost control of the Senate. 

It’s not clear that either Trump or Democrats will be able to recapture that House majority, and there is a chance that the country will continue to drift towards a Democratic-controlled Congress and President Trump will be forced to seek the forgiveness of the American people for his record of corruption. 

But for now, the next two weeks are going to be incredibly busy.

We can only hope that this new era of US politics is one that brings us closer to a return to normalcy.

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